March 25, 2019

Report on Chandigarh Communication Workshop held on 2-3 March 2019

A communication workshop was organized by Chandigarh SHG of TISA (The Indian Stammering Association) for Two Days i.e 2nd 3rd March 2019 including boarding and lodging.

The workshop saw the participation of approx.33 people from different walks of life varying from doctors, engineers, Ph.D. scholars, Garments shop owner, Retired veterans & students age from 19 to 65 years and yet they all were very similar to each other when it came to stammering. Organizers and guest were people of repute from their respective fields who shared their experience with stammering and also explained that stammering is a very minuscule part of life and one can achieve anything if he accepts stammering. The duration of the workshop was of 2 days. These two days were packed with activities and games to make you understand the importance of acceptance, ways to manage stammering and acquire good communication skills.


A Day Before...

DAY 1...

The day started with some instruction and ground rules for the upcoming two days. The first message of the workshop was HAKLAO MAGAR PYAR SE (stutter freely as much as you can in these two days).

 In the Beginning, we were shown a video on acceptance by TISA founder Dr. Sachin Shrivastav and National Coordinator Mr. Harish overviewing its importance in dealing with stammering and congratulating all participants and organizers.

Icebreaking session...

 The icebreaking session was organized just after breakfast and we all knew each other by name within an hour while performing different interesting activities. Importance of listening in good communication was also explained to participants via icebreaking activity.

Practicing Pausing Technique after eating Chocolate

Techniques such as Bouncing, Prolongation, voluntary stuttering, and pausing were explained to participants.

In addition, JUSTDIAL activity was done. We were told to call them and talk with voluntary stuttering. The purpose was to explain that the person in front of us is more interested in the content of speech rather than the manner of speaking.

After lunch, there was a Presentation Delivered by Dr. Renu Goel briefing What is Stammering? Why do we Stammer? How Stammering develops in a child? Helpful tips for parents of PWS, Stammering in Adults and at last what can be done to improving our Stammering.

 After that, we all gathered in front of the building and told shopkeepers and bystanders that we are stammerers and there is nothing to be ashamed of in it. With this activity, individual have overcome the fear of public speaking. It was the first time for some people who have spoken boldly in open and do some practice of acceptance.

Now after that, we were divided into teams and given instruction to go to different places such as Punjab University (PU), Sukhna Lake etc for stranger talk and know their perspective about stammering.

 This activity was done to better accept ourselves as stammerers and get rid of the psychological burden which we stammerers have accumulated after years of stammering and feeling of guilt.
Day finished with debriefing in their individual teams. People shared their experience of the stranger talk and the activities of the day.

DAY 2....

At the start of day 2, we all had to speak for 10 minutes in front of friends and share whatever we want. For many of us, it was the first time on the speaker. Everyone was listened patiently and encouraged to stammer freely.

The aim was to get the people out of their comfort zone and start speaking with stammering from today.

The second activity was more of training on Vipassana and the importance of deep breathing and pausing in our speech. We had the Vipassana meditation for around 1 hour. Participants had very enthusiastic Q/A session with Vipassana teacher.

 After lunch, everybody had to come on stage and practice techniques in front of everyone.


Participants helped each other with techniques and pledged to use these techniques in real life situations.

In the afternoon with some more discussions done and after that everybody enjoys dance on Punjabi beats. For the next activity participants were called to showcase their special talents. We were amazed to see so many talents such as mimicry artist, folk dancers, theater artist & singers among us, additionally an individual group skit is performed.

Sheet 1 Goal Setting
Sheet 2 Goal Setting
 After completion of activities, we all set the goal to be accomplished in next 1 month to get better on acceptance and to overcome our fear of stammering.

 In the end, everybody was given memento and certificate to appreciate the fact that we have shown the courage to confront our stammering.
All in all, these communication workshops are tailor-made for you if you are a stammerer. You get to meet so many stammerers for the first time that you stop feeling different from others. You make some excellent friends for life in these two days. Everybody is so supportive of each other. The tagline Haklao Magar Pyar Se will sound ridiculous at first but as you proceed through the workshop you will understand its true meaning. This workshop can really get your inner potential out if you are willing to take all its learning with yourself, at least for me it was the case.
Priyanshu Mishra
Tata Motors Ltd.
Rudrapur Uttarakhand

So, let me conclude by thanking all of you for your time and valuable insights.

Thank you so much for joining us and participating in this workshop and for bringing your expertise and experience around the table and engaging in such fruitful, constructive and open exchanges throughout the two days.

We look forward to welcoming you again in Chandigarh

We have a Regular Self Help Group Meetings Organised on every Sunday for 1:30 hours at Punjab University Student center Chandigarh. For  more Info Contact me on Mobile No. #9988990330 Jasmeet Singh

                                                              Financial Statement

Registration Fee for 2 days :
1.       Locals ( No accommodations Required ) - ₹1000
2.       Dormitory (1-night stay on 2/3 march ) –₹1200
3.       Double bed Room (1-night stay 2/3 march Without attached toilet ) - ₹1575 cost for 1bed only
4.       Deluxe Double bed Room (1-night stay 2/3 march attached toilet ) - ₹1875 cost for 1bed only
 NOTE:- Registration fee including 2 days breakfast/ lunch/first-night dinner and evening Tea/lassi
EXTRA:- Dormitory 1bed - ₹80
                Without an attached toilet 1 room includes 2 bed -₹750
                 Attached toilet 1 room includes 2 bed - ₹1350
Note. Check-In check out at 12 Noon


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