March 24, 2019

Invent Role: Create Opportunities

 Many of us, after desensitization and having learned a few techniques, often wonder: What next? Where do I go and practice my new communication skills? Many pws keep waiting for the “right opportunity”. Some, smart ones, create these opportunities by inventing a social role for themselves.

Pankaj, a young man from Almora, has done Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is now preparing for competitions. I met him a year ago- then again, he visited me at SMTA sometime back. We discussed a few basic ideas about stepping out of comfort zone. He was also active in MOOC 3 then.
Then, as it happens frequently, we lost touch; we were busy in our own mad worlds. Yesterday, I received a phone call from him, followed up by some pictures on whatsapp. He had followed ONE idea to its fruition.
After Pulwama tragedy, he contacted local traders, shop keepers, cab drivers in his little sleepy (but picturesque!) town (Bagwali Pokhar) and organized an awareness rally about the need to support our defense forces and to be vigilant about terrorism in the country. To his surprise, he discovered that local schools supported his initiative whole-heartedly and the students were happy to take out a rally. Day after day, he noticed a change in his communication style. He was more confident, he was taking quick decisions and he was speaking in public at last! (He can be seen in a blue shirt, with a megaphone in his hands in the top picture!)

Above all, he felt that he was connected to an idea bigger than himself. He was feeling happy and fulfilled. No therapy, could have given him this feeling and this sense of achievement and Self-confidence- he was convinced.
How did he do this? He identified a social need, he created a role for himself and stepped into it, without worrying about - “Mujhe kya milega?” (What will I get out of this?).
If we look around ourselves, Life is offering us many such opportunities to help and serve others every day. Why wait? Look carefully at your neighborhood, your office, your city. Surely someone needs your skills, your help. Jump into it with joy. This is your McMera Program - 100 percent free and 100 percent effective.

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