August 18, 2019

Let's Talk About Stammering

Hello friends
For a long time I have been thinking of doing this, but as it is said that you need some brute force to cross your limits. So, this time when I met Sachin Sir in Dehradun, I expressed my desire on doing this because it gives me limitless opportunities to speak to strangers.

Today I went to Cubbon Park, Bangalore to try this activity. I reached at 10:00 am but today it being a raining Sunday and also a long weekend, so not many Bangalorian were there in the park. So I sat on a bench with perplexed thoughts. I was thinking that if I go and stand on the walk-way then no one would turn-up. But then, I changed my thought and I reconciled myself that - to do this activity today I woke up early than on other Sundays. I traveled 12 Km and walked 3 km and if I don't do this then what is the point in coming here and waking up early. So with a scared heart I stood up with the thought - LET'S GIVE IT A TRY. 

I hold the poster in hand and stood at one tri-junction. Many people passed reading just the Poster. But this gave me confidence that at least people are noticing me. 

Soon after, a group of 4 boys come towards me and I wished them Hiiii...They asked me "What is Stammering" and I being a stalwart TISA member explained them everything I knew about Stammering. 

Then came a group of 5 students. They were all doing PG in Christ university. They told me that they have some classmates who stammer. Actually, with them I wanted to talk on stammering but the conversation took a turn and we talked on everything other than Stammering...😄😄. They were very friendly and with them I spoke for more than 30 minutes. 

Then, a old friend of mine who met me in Cubbon Park only through stranger talk activity long back saw me and approached me. He is having Salon Business and he and I are so comfortable talking with each other that we had a conversation which lasted for more than 30 minutes. 

It was just an awesome experience because through it I realized that I can do those thing that had scared me for a long time.

Same activity I did around 2 months back and I'm attaching some pics of that activity too.

Ravi Kant Sharma

Also I request that if someone is having access please post it on TISA Website

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