June 25, 2017

Updates from the theatre group - Fishbone Collective

Hi All,

Wish you all a Happy Eid.

Now, we are a month away from our first performance. The dates are 26th and 27th of July. We are continuing to meet on the weekends, three to four hours almost each day The text is ready and actors are in the process of learning the lines. We should be ready with our text by next weekend.

The facebook page is up and we are putting up updates there as well. There will also be an event page specific only to the event. The poster is getting ready, the set designer has given her ideas and she will share her 3d design in the week after which we may need to start procuring or building the set items. Sound designer will be talking to me this week and providing his sound ideas. So far, so good. All the work is going in tandem. The things yet to be looked at are light design, costume design, make-up ideas. These should start from post 9th July week.

Overall, we are having lot of fun in the rehearsals where we explore some new exercises and sometimes fail or sometimes get right. Its all fun and lots of learning!

Please find some event details:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FishboneCollective/

Plays being performed:
1) Fish Bowl - English  - Written by Animesh
2) Virus - English - Written by Animesh
3) Bhule  English and Hindi - Written by Anupam

Anupam Saxena, Jonali Das, Mansi Mehta, Naman Mirchandani, Nishil Shetty, Raj kumar, Shobhit Singh, Tarunidhar T

Set Design: Anusha Srinivas
Light design - Vinay Chandra P 
Sound Design: Madhumay Sinha
Logo and poster : Manas Jain

We are currently looking for some production help in sound execution(not design) and supporting set designer in procuring items.  While i am writing the need for production support, i have got interest shown by one of the members of SHG already.
I would be extremely delighted to welcome anyone who is willing to join this ensemble play in whatever capacity they can.

Please do like FB page and share it within your circle.

Thank you,

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Satyendra Srivastava said...

Congrats and my best wishes!
Wish I could attend it in person. But would love to read media reports.. share the links!