March 18, 2017

Jaipur Comm WS

18 March: Day one. We began with 'partner' intro😈. Then,we talked about some house keeping issues 😆 and then sachin😎 reminded everyone of some essential truths: no cure, but mindset cure! YESS mindset cure is the only cure! Anyday, anywhere, anytime - and for free😁 💨🆒
And also the need to practice for a long time, the ideas introduced in the 2 day workshop etc.🛂⏳ Because it is like learning a new language. So, give yourself some time. Dont be in a tearing hurry.

Then, we discussed and practiced in three small groups : Bouncing, Prolongation - and finally voluntary stammering😱. We used various ways to explore these techniques- like using them in one line intro, then in 3_4 line formal intro, then on 3-4 'feared' words, then in an impromptu story telling exercise....😟 🏇

Later, in the evening, we went to central park (beautiful😸) to practice stammering interviews with strangers 😵(we had practiced it in pairs already 👥). This was a challenging exercise for almost all of us 😜. Audience of course was good and cooperative 😏. Some of us jogged along while asking questions 😂 from the fitness freaks, all wired up with headset and other gadget..🎧 - but they were kind enough to say: yes yes , ask anything... 🏃 🏃

Before leaving the park, we had a nice debriefing and a group "high five" - mai Hakla / hakli hu! Wow! 🐙🐲

Next day, we began with Thank you list exercise. Over about 45 Minutes, we all discovered that we had so much to thank! It led to a total reversal of polarity!🌞 Then, in three groups we brain stormed how to sustain this positivity, in the face of daily setbacks..☔

Oh yes, we also did mutual videography, while phoning strangers. Some ambitious participants ordered a new Scorpio, some explored exchange options, some phoned the bereaved families..

Yes, we all had put on our Van Heusen shirt with brightest possible orange fashion statement,  haklao magar pyar se..👕💓👅👄 Some of us even slept in our designer shirt..

We also discussed about valsalva phenomena and discovered that :
when you r in an interview-
u r not in the loo 🚽🚾 -
so why strain? And have pain?
With no gain? 🗿🐝

Then, Dhruv facilitated a session on goal setting, individual as well as for the group. Also, how to hold ourselves accountable to these goals...🔨🔧🙌 🎯

Then, some truly funny role plays,  ðŸ’ 👺 Which I am sure only Pws can conceive and execute!🎭

Anuprita 👸 taught us some graceful dance steps.💃. Mock interviews, self assertion role plays, sher o shayari..👻 Then, we parted as family parts 😩.. Sad but sure that we will meet again. 👼

Soumya's parents came to greet and bless us on the last day!
If you think I have used too many emojis in this post, it is not my fault: this is what happens when you spend 48 hours with young, cool and hep crowd like Sunoy, Akshay and company! 


Anonymous said...

Really it was a great workshop...I knew what I m.
As I promised I would start SHG in ajmer so anyone near of AJMER-Rajasthan can contact me @8104053393

Unknown said...

Thanku all it was just awsm. Feeling like m still in workshop. So uch energy n enthusiasm. Ek ek baat n activity yaad aa rahi. And yes be prepared for next workshop in Lucknow in June. Start packing ur bags. 😀

Ravi said...

great workshop and good write-off with lot of emojis...the real essence of workshop starts after it gets over...

Unknown said...

Very well described! Congratulations Jaipur team for successfully conducting the workshop.

Unknown said...

wow sachin sir,allude my name.such an i feel jammy.
thnks sachin sir

Unknown said...

great work.