February 1, 2017

Exploring the voice - workshop on 5th and 6th Feb

Voice is essential for communication. It is through the voice that you convey your feelings, thoughts. Unless the voice is used in a way that it conveys the true sense of what we want to say, it can be easily misunderstood. Most of us are not aware what apparatus we have in our body and how to use it to get the voice out. Most of us tense our larynx making the voice shrill and not reaching the listener. Through this workshop i will share some learning on how to give the voice - its wholeness. The exercises which we will deal with, if performed daily, can benefit a lot in public speaking and also give you a better confidence.
Having said that, in this session i wont touch stammering blocks. But if exercises are followed regularly, you can definitely observe some gradual improvement in your style of speaking thereby reducing the fear of stammering which is quite essential for us.

It will happen over the coming weekend. I have divided the two days in a way that on Saturday, i will mostly cover voice modulation and Sunday will be the main day on understanding voice.
Please find the agenda below:

Saturday 5th Feb (9 AM - 12 PM), @small hut, Cubbon park:1) Acting exercises
3) Voice modulation & Presentation skills

Sunday 6th Feb(10 AM - 2 PM(max)) @small hut, Cubbon park:
1) Understanding voice and body as the apparatus
2) Exercises:
   Macro - ribs, back widening
   Micro - lips, tongue
3) Using soft palate, pushing adam's apple down
4) Lying on the floor exercise
5) Drop down and other similar exercises
6) Understanding Resonance and resonators in our body.
I will forward some texts, poems in whatsapp or some other medium and we will use in our  exercise.
I would like if possible for all of you to attend both the days. Saturday is focused on actors but its also about presentation skills - "how to make one listen to what you are saying".
On Sunday, please come in comfortable dressing, water bottle, and eat well before coming. Get a mat if you don't like lying on the grass.
Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have a doubt.

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