January 27, 2017

On Republic Day in Surat!

Surat SHG met on the Indian Republic Day (26th January 2017) in
the premises of Centre for Social Studies. The meeting was attended by Akash, Akshay, Kalpesh, Shubham and Chetan. Some of them were meeting for the first time so there was a round of introduction and free talk about stammering, therapies, difficult situation, managing negative emotions, medical information on stammering etc. The discussion went for more than two hours and it was de
cided to meet again, this time with some topic on which each SHG member will give a speech! 

(ED: Congrats, Surat Group! Keep meeting! and sharing)


Satyendra Srivastava said...

Congrats everyone in Surat!

akshay rawal said...

थैंक्स आकाश सर।....सचिन सर,हमारी ऐसी पहल आगे भी चलती ही रहेगी।।