January 13, 2017

Bangalore SHG January 08, 2017 meeting report

"God gives most difficult work to his most capable soldier".

When Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player, lost one of his legs in a train incident, the people around her thought her life is ending. But she accepted that as a challenge and conquered the Mount Everest. Now climbing various mountain peaks is her passion.

Karoly Takacs, a Hungarian-born 25m air pistol shooter, lost his right hand due to a faulty bullet, the fellow players thought his shooting career ends. But he secretly practiced with his left hand for one year and won the national championship as well as Olympic 1952 gold medal.

So if we were determined for something then we can shoot a bullet with our leg also. There is only one thing in between what you are and what you want to be, that thing is you, not anyone else and oh yes!! no stammering also. Stammering is like a Lunar eclipse which is coming before your vision and hiding your big real self, so tilt your head a bit and see yourself, what you are capable of and you can only tilt your head and surpass this eclipse only when you accept your stammering.

Those inspiring words were shared by Dinesh at our last SHG meeting and we felt renounced after this. So again it was a sound Sunday morning at Cubbon Park and us fellow smart people made our way to the small hut. When small hut came to its full capacity, we started the session by reading two paragraph each from Apna Hath Jagannath.

After that, an impromptu speech round happened. Bharat, this week's coordinator came up with selective nice topics in such a way that it will boost us to achieve our new year resolutions. Everybody spoke up to their best within allocated 2 minutes. I remembered the lines said by Naman that

"New year resolutions are like a shoe, we have to be careful while choosing it. So that it will fit ourselves."

This time we have a new joinee, Ajay, he is from Mysore and working in the finance sector. We briefed him about TISA and how it function, and how acceptance helps in long run. Acceptance of stammering is the first step. The second step is to manage or control it.

After impromptu speech, we discussed about the course of plans to do when Sachin sir will be here. At last Dinesh raise a topic "Why we want to be fluent?" and "Is your current form of stammering hampering you from progress?" We all actively participated in that discussion, tabled our views, expectation and experiences, which results in those motivating lines which i had already shared at first.

Written By - Subrat


Jonali said...

Wonderful Report!! Subrat

Satyendra Srivastava said...

Ajay, welcome HOME!
Thank you Subrat for comprehensive documentation...and the pic.
Looking with excitement to my trip!


It is always a pleasure reading Bangalore SHG report... I wait eagerly for this just like an avid cricket fan waits for a cricket match.. Thanks for sharing..

Subrat Panda said...

Thank you Abhishek. We are glad by knowing your feelings. We always try to produce the report in a different way. Change is the developement and is the only constant.

Subrat Panda said...

Thank you Sachin sir. We are also eagerly waiting to see you here.