September 11, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG meeting Report 11th Sept 2016

Hello Everyone,

Today meeting was held in Eco park right at 4.30pm. The weather was rainy and it feels great to kick start the meeting. There were three members- Suraj, Sanjay and Me. Sanjay is a new member who came with her wife. We were expecting 5-6 members but unfortunately due to heavy rain, no one can able to attend it. The meeting started with an introduction round. 

I introduced myself with the technique I used and I feel better when using the techniques. Sanjay is a senior engineer posted recently in Patna.  He told his experience about his speech therapy which he taken in Jaipur and maihar. He has a long experience of his stammering which I think will help other members too. He often uses the prolongation techniques while talking to us which surely helps the severe stammers (in our team) in applying the techniques in outside world. 

As per schedule we were going to discuss the ways of creating stammering awareness program. We discussed that we will now visit school and colleges in Patna and make people aware about the TISA and its SHG meeting in Patna. We also discussed that we will going to every member’s house and make them aware about our stammering because our improvements starts with our families. 

Sanjay also shared his experience about his brahma kumara mediation which he were doing from few days and also helps him in keeping the mind in peace which ultimately aids in decreasing the anxiety level. Also we will make the visiting card made by Abhinav and give to every stammer person we meet.

We said good bye to each other by taking lovely picture of us by Sanjay’s wife.

Thanks mam for taking the picture!

We also request to every member of Patna to take part in our campaign and helps stammers from the early age. We stammers needs the right direction which would be possible by helping each other. There are many stammer friends in Patna hiding behind their comfort zone and don’t know about any stammering group running in patna, let them know about us. Join Us!

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sachin said...

Yess, aapas me baat ham ne bahut kar li. Chalo ab duniya se gup shup karein.. Ek baar shuru karo, fir aasan lagega aur maja bhi aane lagega..