September 2, 2016

Do you stammer? Flaunt it in style with your visiting card

Update: On mass public demand, I have also uploaded CorelDraw file, to download it, visit: proTISA

Update2: Post National Conference at Goa, printing cards has been discontinued. Please do not place orders anymore.

Pune TISA group has recently started visiting schools to help spread awareness about stammering. When we started this project, we realized that people give more importance to us if we are able to brand ourselves. That's why we started publishing Identity cards, visiting cards and banners to be distributed to people. Since then, personally speaking, my visiting card has been a great companion of mine in introducing and flaunting my ninja-stutter-skills in front of people.

We, the members of Pune TISA believe in sharing with others, and so, we bring to you a Shiny and Stunning visiting card for your own use. You can order from us and we will deliver it at Goa National Conference or you can download the source file from the website and print it yourself. No matter what you do, make sure to stammer with pride, because you are special... you are a Stammerer!!!


sachin said...

Wow, "flaunting my ninja-stutter-skills"!
Abhinav, you are redefining stammering!
(Or is it retro-engineering?)
Whatever, it is cool!
and very TIMELY!
Thank you from all of us Ninjas!

Soumya said...

This is superb! I like the design a lot! And I'm ordering this from you ninja stutterer!

sachin said...

I just ordered some cards for myself..
Everything worked like a charm- setting up to making payment to getting a receipt!
My only regret: since I was doing it with a sort of idea of testing- I ordered only 24 cards!
Anyway, Abhinav, you have done a great job.
Hope to do "business" with you. someday!

Abhinav Bakshi said...

Thank you Sachin Sir for ordering :)
If you want to change your order, it can be done. Personally, I'll be opting for 120 cards in ₹160 since that hits the sweet spot in price vs quantity.

D.k D.k said...

me bolate bolate atakata hu heelp mi mo.8866079286

Mohit kumar said...

Commendable job Abhinav. Your creativity inspire us to do something different in creating stuttering awareness. We will surely apply in our SHG Meeting. Just a bit question, Will it be deliver to Patna, Bihar?

Abhinav Bakshi said...

Currently I have not included delivery feature since it will be very expensive for you guys if the order is small. If you plan to order in bulk, let me know. Otherwise, you can always download the source file from the website and print the card at any printing press in Patna :)