August 16, 2016

TISA SHG Chandigarh Meet # 90 dated 14.08.2016 at Sector 42 lake.

Mr. Ashish Sharma a BAMS doctor from Chandigarh had contacted me last week through TISA . He was requested to join in Sunday SHG meeting for a detailed discussion. I arrived at sector 42 lake around 8.20 am. Ashish was already there waiting for me. It was a cool  lovely morning. After rain the weather had become very pleasant. We waited for other members to join and also called a few, but they expressed their inability to come because of some pre- occupations.

The meet started with we two. I welcomed Ashish to Chandigarh SHG. Ashish is doing BAMS from Dabar Dhanwantry Ayurvedic Hospital, Sector 46 , Chandigarh. He is intern in hospital. He lives in sector 46. Basically he hails from Banaras. He informed that he noticed his speech blocks when he was 7 years old and has not taken any therapy, besides taking Vacha , the Ayurveda herb, which he discontinued because of some reported side effects. He has plans to do his MD from BHU or start his practice at Chandigarh. He was given some tips to improve on communication. The concept of acceptance on which TISA is working was explained to him. He was requested to get copy of booklet Apna hath Jagannath downloaded from TISA site and read it religiously, which is our Bible.  The factors i.e. Biological, Social and Psychological  explained  and how to work on Breath, Speed and Excitement  also discussed.

We started with laughing, clapping and shouting exercises to relax our speech organs. It was followed with breathing exercises. The concept of Voluntary stammering and loud slow reading also explained. He was advised to interact with strangers daily with slow and voluntary stammering to have a control on communication. He has been added in Chandigarh WhatsApp Group and advised to  remain connected. He was further advised to join in workshops being organized by Dr. Sachin in Herbatpur. He was requested to read TISA blogs regularly .He assured to come in weekly meetings. Ashish is a charming and lovely doc. I enjoyed interacting with him.

I hope Ashish benefited by coming to TISA.    The meeting ended with promise to meet again. All Chandigarh SHG members are requested to interact with him either personally or over telephone.

May all progress on the path of communication.


Satyendra said...

Thank you, Jasbir ji.
Welcome Ashish!
AHJ is a good book. But even better thing will be- attending SHG regularly and asking your own questions and deciding what is best for you. Bottom line- whatever you find CHALLENGING - is bound to help you!
Bet wishes!

Unknown said...

Welcome Ashish to Chandigarh SHG