August 1, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 31st July 2016

This Sunday’s meeting is being held at Gandhi Maidan at 4pm. As per plan, we were going to meet 1 hour before the actual meeting timing just to practice for our speech. Unfortunately, it wasn’t gone as per the plan and we met at 4pm.

I met and welcome our new member- Rahul who is a Banking job aspirant with his non-stammer friend- Anil. He had a petite stammering problem or may I could say None stammer because he was speaking so fluently and flawlessly. Later he said he had a very mild stammering problem and joined this meeting just to enhance his self-confidence and will-power. 

Later Rishkikesh and Suraj joined this meeting. At first we  introduced each other and debated on a few issues. Being a new member, we explained about the TISA and its working module to Rahul. Rishikesh on the other side had to focus a lot in his speech to manage his stammering to some extent. We all boosted Rishikesh, so that he could learn something from every meeting. 

We also performed a few activities like Breathing exercises, talking with techniques- Prolongation, slow speech. Suraj explained the details of techniques to everyone

Apologies for No pictures being clicked. 



sachin said...

People with "mild" stammering suffer a lot internally. Therefore, it is important that we work hard to rise above those feelings of shame and fear.. Small or big, stammering is stammering- one has to deal with it with courage and grit. Right?

Mohit kumar said...

Absolutely Right Doc. Courage and confidence are the two most important base for stammers. But Mild and severe stammers should be treated as differently as both of their psychological issues are contrary to each other.