July 18, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 17 July

The meeting were held at Gandhi maidan as per the fixed schedule. It was started at 4pm and Mohit, suraj, Rishikesh, Krishna (new member) and me(Prashant) were present at the meeting. The meeting started as usual with the self introduction by all members. Suraj, an old member of patna SHG, was present after a long gap. He was on a religious tour to Anarnath Yatra. So, he shared some interesting incidents about his journey after our requests.

Rishikesh, the youngest member of patna SHG, has been improving his speaking ability by using the techniques but he still has to do a lot. He gets nervous as well as excited very soon. So, Mohit made  mandatory for Rishikesh to speak using techniques only. But he is very much enthusiastic to get rid of his problem. Me, suraj and mohit gave him a lot of suggestions about how to build up confidence.

I noticed very much improvement in Mohit and Suraj. Now, both of them stammers less. This has been possible only due to self improvement and coming out of their comfort zones.

We also concluded that talking non-stop using the right techniques and breathing pattern is the good way to leap to the next level of stammering and to boost our stammering. Also sometime people laugh of us because our stammering, I think we are doing a great social work as people around is struggling with lots of problems and tension, so we provide them a few minutes of laugh and if you can inject laughter into other people's lives, you will be giving a gift that is priceless.

Krishna, the new member, is very outspoken boy. This is very good thing for a stutterer. He stammers occasionally but he too want to get rid of this. One thing that was good with him that he appeared and behaved like we know each other for a long time. He promised he would be frequent in next meetings.      the meeting was great. We performed some activities like breath exercises, talking without pronouncing any consonants. Jig Jaw game etc.

I believe the patna SHG is going to expand fastly and all the members will try to give their presence from next meetings. 

Thank you

Written by Prashant, Edited by Mohit


sachin said...

Thx Prashant and Mohit.
Wow, lot of fun n activity..
Haklao - magar pyar se...

Mohit kumar said...

Yes Sir, Hope you are fine. We actually had lots of fun. Hoping for some new guys to join in our next meet.