July 31, 2016

CHANDIGARH STAMMERERS ----> SHG 31/07/2016 <-----

DATE: 31/07/2017
VENUE: SECTOR-42 Mini Lake Chandigarh

After successful CHANDIGARH WORKSHOP Organised on 16/17 july 2016 . We Champions decided to continue our Self Help Group.

*  There were total 5 Champions today who wake up early in the morning and spend some time for Learning.

 Kapil Dev was our Main Lead and Host today with an Agenda :

- Introduction with hobbies

- Story Telling

- Telling each other Qualities and Strength

- Group Discussion

From Left Jassi , Intelligent  Alok,  Kapil the Gabbar , Paramjeet the Energy man 

---- Talk Started with remembering the Memories of chandigarh workshop participants , who have made a memorable workshop with lots of experience and thoughts shared. 


--- For past one year we are gathering together in Chandigarh. In every meeting we learn something new and it has been said that In order to Change our life, we must change our thoughts.
And with positive thought and learning we have develop new thought process in which it not only help us to overcome our Stammering but also so many skills we have developed in ourself.

In center Paramod Kumar the Cool man

Most people need Love and Acceptance a lot more than they need just advice.
Our parents/ Friends /Neighbor/ Relatives have given many advises to us for stammering but they don't know that we all need love and support more than any advice. This Group is all about it. 

Kamlesh and Manoj Bishnoi of our group having Birthday today but they were busy in there  respective life, so we miss them in today meeting. God bless them with health and wealth.

We Request In chandigarh if there are people who stammerer. Please come out of your confort zone beacuse You are not alone , we all are stammerers and therte are 100% possibilities of improvements.

                                                                                                                          JASMEET SINGH
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Aalok said...

It was really good meeting with you guys.
Loved it.
And Kapil, you really lead the meeting well.

sachin said...

Most people need Love and Acceptance a lot more than they need just advice.....
110% accurate.
Let it be our mssion in TISA!
Thx a lot to all of you!

Parmod Kathuria said...

Good beginning Jassi

Parmod Kathuria said...

Good beginning Jassi

Jasmeet Singh said...

Thank you Sir