June 20, 2016

Theatronics !

Friends, while the jury is still out (on whether there is a cure or not!!), let us check this story:

"And reluctantly with trepidation, he started going on-stage, knowing well that he may not be able to deliver a single line without a stutter. “After some initial hesitation, instead of struggling to speak, I found myself slowly and steadily doing what normal people could do — speak without stammering! And much to my surprise, this magically happened on-stage,” he smiled..."  (Stutter to stage).

May I just add one thing? You dont have to wait, for the FOOT LIGHTS, PROPS and AUDIENCE. You can begin straight away in your SHG: do a role pay in a park and cheering audience will come by itself! This is what happened spontaneously, when Dehradun SHG did an impromptu role play in Gandhi park some time ago (link): A crowded bus, where passengers and the conductor, everyone stammered (with joy!)... It brought a great feeling of being accepted by self and others. Miracles are waiting for you!

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Ravi Kant Sharma said...

there have been many examples where people associated with theatre have gone above stammering mindset...it's just like exploring the hidden and unsaid skill...