June 13, 2016

Banglore SHG meets on 5th June 2016 !

(From left to right: Sudanshu, Rajkumar, Ravi sharma, Pratheek, Subrath, Ravi teja, Amarnath and Hari Krishna.).....
It was another fine Sunday morning. Rajkumar(Myself), Subrath, Amarnath, Hari Krishna and Sudanshu were gathered in small hut. We were waiting for our co-ordinator(Ravi teja). Hari Krishna started the meeting with introductory round. Subrath introduced himself as a software engineer working in an IT company near hebbal. Amarnath is a civil engineer and Sudanshu is working in Samsung. Hari Krishna works for BEML.
Introductory round was followed by prepared speeches from sudanshu and Hari Krishna.
Sudanshu gave his second toast master speech.  His topic was on anger management. It’s an odd topic for a soft person as him. He discussed various scenarios that cause anger.
Situations like getting stuck in traffic while going to work, being in company of people who we don’t like. He also added how it affects our social and mental life. He also suggested several ways to control anger. To prevent we have to avoid situations that cause anger. Taking deep breaths in such situation will reduce stress level.
Hari Krishna gave his first ice breaker speech. He titled his speech as ‘Blue wagon’. It was a story of a boy who was born blue, who found himself unique from his friends due to his speech. He was so fond of rail wagons which pass by his home. He narrated how life similar to a rail wagon has shown him a journey, from being an introvert school kid to someone who helps his society as a mechanical engineer.

This was followed by impromptu speeches.
At this time, Ravi teja entered the scene, rejoicing us with his humor.
Subrath was given a topic “If you were to meet someone in the past who would it be”. He recalled how much he loved being in company with his grandfather as a kid. He expressed with sadness how much he missed those days.  This was followed by topics like “Beach party” in which amaranth admitted he has never been in one. He was able to imagine it as a soothing experience with calm breeze, sound of waves and enjoying the company of so many people.

At the end of impromptu speech, We had two new members – Ravi sharma (inspector in customs dept. ) and Pratheek, a visitor from Mumbai SHG.
Ravi Teja came up with two activities. First one was we have to divide ourselves in groups of two and make conversation among us. But the condition is we had to stand as far as possible. (One near small hut and other near entrance of corridor) So we had to shout. This attracted attention of passerby.  Second was we had to shout in the sequence of increasing pitch. Both of this activity was focused on strengthening our voice and overcome our stage fear.
The meeting ended with a group story telling round.
Our visitor, Pratheek compared his SHG group with Bangalore SHG. Their activities were similar to ours with additional acts like voluntary stammering, dramatics and yoga. He appreciated the co-ordination of meeting and added he enjoyed all activities.

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