June 3, 2016

Bangalore SHG report 29/05/2016

We were eight members in last SHG meeting. As per photograph left to right. Reuben, Ravi, Sameer, Naman, Mansi, Bharath, Me(Akash) and Subrat missing in the pic (He was in hurry! :-p)

Bharath was coordinator!

Activities Bharath come up with,
1.)    Paragraph reading from some book of Swami Viveka Nanda
2.)    Introduction and Impromptu round for 3 min/person
3.)    Prepared speech by Mansi
4.)    Talk to strangers activity
5.)    Feedback

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sachin said...

Someday, Banglore group should plan a 101 formal review of progress made by individuals so far - since, this group has been meeting consistently for a very long time. A formal review will help - by letting you know objectively, what you have gained and in what areas you need to pay more attention. Designing such an evaluation (interview based?) is not difficult. You could invite a social work student to help and work with you.. Just a thought!