May 10, 2016

Nothing But Excellence

I believe that every meeting is different, it has a story and sings its own song.I have tried to collect and present the ideas elucidated in the meeting. There is humor here and there and with no offence to anyone .

Today's SHG meeting was like climax of a love story. A realization comes to the Hero: In process of wooing the lady love and marrying her , he was actually refining his own thoughts and the entire thing actually lead to the development of his character.

So there was lot of soul searching , shifting of goal posts , confessions, bon-homie, feed-backs , trip-plannings in Today's SHG.

From left to right. Jonali, Manasi, Soma,Amarnath,Dinesh Soni,Naman,Subroto(New Joiner),Siddha, Bharat,Rajkumar, Anupam, Mohit, Pramod , Dinesh(Don)

A Special Mention
Siddha , a specially abled(visually) boy from Gulbarga honors us time and again by his presence. We are indebted to him for coming down and telling us time and again that its never over.

Prepared Speeches
Soma,Mansi, Jonali  and Anupam gave prepared speeches. Their Speeches exuded confidence and improvement over their previous attempts. Speeches were followed by feed backs which were constructive and encouraging.
 (Here we need special mention of Anupam who was successful in taking pws to a deep sleep )

Introduction was next event. Everyone in an  order gave short introduction.

Table Topics
Table topics aka impromptu speeches was the next event . Table topics were given by Anupam. The SHG members made stupid topics look important and sensible (Kindly laugh). Everyone stuck to the time and did full justice to their topics.

This was followed by confessions. Pramod and Bharat made confessions about what is bothering them. The group did not provide any immediate suggestion but listened to them with patience.
A special mention is needed here about Pramod . He has an innate quality of being brutally honest about things and this makes him stand apart from all of us(Seriously).

A good lifestyle is a good support system for our communication. Doing  Exercise , having proper meals , meditation will automatically improve our health and hence our communication.
Above point was endorsed by Dinesh and Mansi.
(Mansi further elaborated how her exercises have motivated her entire hostel and she leads a pack of 20 ladies for morning session )

When it came to sharing emotions , Abhinav and Mansi were of the view that writing about things that are bothering us is good way of sorting them out . It helps to take things out of our system.

Listening  Etiquette
Sometimes folks join in between a speech and they start greeting others instead they should settle down first and do the greetings after the speech . This will save the speaker from distraction. Naman was behind this suggestion and we couldn't agree more

Breathing Exercise
Naman further poured his wisdom by telling us about breathing exercises by Manimaran Sir. He also told us about the world famous (for laughs) Silent Speech , similar to pressing the mute button

Speaking Etiquette and Summary
Pramod (commando) made a valid point by asking us to not keep anything in our hand when we are speaking . Dinesh Kumar Soni(Noted poet and Chief economist) pointed out that one must not abruptly end speeches instead we must use proper summary.

Trip Planning
Pramod can be often heard saying that we must bond over things other than stammering and we fun-loving types were game for it. Guys and gals there is a plan brewing up . Kindly get in touch with Pramod. Pramod kindly take it forward from here.

Benefits of Stammering Etc
This anti-institutional and anti-TISA idea was given a feared rowdie Anupam Saxena. Known for his failed Bi-cycle stunts and bad humor he is dreaded among PWs .

He dared suggested that Stammering is good for us. We should be proud of our legacy . Stammering has made more humane and sensitive towards others problems. He also had the audacity of saying that Stammering has made us ethical and has blessed us with ability to stay as misfits.It has made us daring enough to say No to something wrong when everybody says Yes .

Jokes apart ....TIS SHG is no more and was never about stammering  it is about sense of belonging, camaraderie, creativity , brotherhood and ability to rise after every fall.


I am god said...

wonderful ...

All the creative juices flowing out in bangalore ! ;)

Jonali said...

Beautifully written...

Mansi said...

Great report ☺☺

sachin said...

Wah wah.. Dil khush ho gaya..
Lagta hai jaise sab-kuchh meri ankhon ke saamne hi hua ho..

(BTW. there are two "look" at one place.. Please forgive - the editor in me could not keep quiet :))

anupam saxena said...

Thanks Sachin Sir ... You really have an eye for detail. I had to paste it in word and use Control F to find the fault.

Anonymous said...

Anupam is awesome...

sachin said...

Dont worry. I have fixed it..

Dinesh said...

Very lively report Anupam.. Just like you.. ;-)

Dinesh said...
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Dehradun SHG said...

Superb !!

nishil shetty said...

Hats off Anupam :D , very good read