May 1, 2016

Dehradun- Meet The Cool Canadians..

If you are in Dehradun, I invite you to an interaction with some MacMaster Students (from Canada) at Samagra on 6th and 7th May (10 am to 12 noon). It will be more like a free social interaction.. But of course you are welcome to discuss themes around, education, communication, cross-cultural insights (may be "dating" too?) etc. etc. Here is Samagra location (link). Please let Mohit (Dehradun TISA coordinator) know in advance.
(Sumit, hope you are listening?)


Dehradun SHG said...

Roger that !!

sachin said...

Mohit, Lunch will be given by Samagra, only to those who formally requisition through you in advance! So, let me know the final numbers by 5th May, 1 pm... (Last minute arrivals can eat outside at nearby market, if needed.. Some advance planning is needed.)