May 24, 2016

Bangalore SHG, May 22 2016 meeting report

Hard work and determination lead to success

We are very familiar to aforesaid line. But actually it’s half true. When I postmortem the content, I found that it consists of two line.
“Hard work and determination leads to failure, and failure leads to success.”
I felt that thing in our last SHG meeting. We always failed with a hope of success.
We are usually punctual with the meeting timings but this Sunday we started little bit late. Ravi gave his first Icebreaker speech followed by Pramod’s thought sharing. After that all member took part in table topics round and gave their best effort in those precious two minutes. Bharath took the initiative and share some of his knowledge about goal setting and faster way to achieve those goals. Last session was like an open session, where we discussed some of the issues, like how can we make future meetings better and many more. Meanwhile I came up with a question and in reply I got that “Answer lies in mystery.”
Written by Subrat Panda

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Ravi Kant Sharma said...

It's wonderful to be a part of new SHG and giving my first Icebreaker speech. And I agree success has many hidden failures behind it.
Nice report Subrat....also I want to say that the report should also include something about Mohammed...his emotions as a PWS because if we are seeing the coin from one side then we are doing unjustice with us...