April 27, 2016

                                         Sun couldn't stop us ...and neither will stutter

SHG meeting on last Sunday 24th April was like watching your favorite movie for 10th time. Familiar waves of  emotions and nostalgia. In spite of knowing everything
  you realize that there were many things you have completely missed time and again. That there is always more to it than meets the eye and that the human struggle and effort knows no boundaries for survival and excellence.

This one was conducted under able leadership (read supervision) of Shobit . Structured and coordinated it was but a meeting is not complete without surprises.

Prepared Speeches

We began by prepared speeches. First to go was Amarnath( It was his second speech in SHG). He beautifully explained 10 Tips for Stutters in calm and cool manner.
Next was Shiva , he spoke about caution one should exercise in forwarding unsolicited emails. He subtly drove home his point, to which we all unanimously agreed.

Third speech was of Shobit. He brought up the reading as a hobby so well that we all felt that we should really think seriously about it. He was successful in luring us in 
the speech using story telling approach and bringing alive the topic by adding so many examples.

We moved to next round of introduction.

Table Topic

 Followed by introduction we had Table topic session where people spoke very well about variety of topics.

Question Answer round

People asked questions to the one sitting next to them. Questions where largely based on one's interest, work and education.

Story Building
We started with a casual line and took it forward by each one of us adding one more line to it. We, the bollywood types ensured that the story reached its conclusion with a positive ending.

School Collaboration
Shiva has brought an idea of SHG visiting schools for awareness generation among children. We have asked Shiva to drop an email to the group regarding this. Lets take it forward it future meetings.

Next meeting
Next meeting will be coordinated by Shiva and table Topics will be provided  by Rajesh 




sachin said...

Great meeting!
That point about reading books is very valid..
I just finished "Suspect" by Michael Robotham. It was a very "rich" experience..
Now, I have picked an author who may get a Nobel soon, if he hasn't received it already: Orhan Pamuk..(book: My name is Red)

Going to school too is a wonderful idea. Play your TISA card well. Tell them that as adult pws, in different responsible positions in life, you are the right person to tell CWS as to what they can expect, hope and work for, in their own lives..Sharing your true stories.. This will have a lot more impact on them than teaching them some "technique"..

Nice to see Dinesh in the group!
Thank you Shobhit and everyone out there in the group..
Yes, nothing should hold you back!

Shobhit Singh said...

Very Nice report Anupam. Caught the essence of the meeting and its purpose very beautifully.

Dinesh said...

Title summed it up! Good one Anupam.