April 5, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 3 April


Our Patna SHG team is growing and it is enhancing with the consistent and members efforts.
We gathered at children's park at 4pm as per scheduled.  There were total 6 members- Krishna, Suraj, Prashant, Ranjan (New member, Prashant’s cousin), Amol (New member), Me.

The activities which we performed are as follows-

1. Firstly we introduced ourselves one by one.
2. Performed breathing exercise for 5 minutes.
3. Group discussion on various issues like stammering, consequences of stammering in real life, speech therapy taken by every person etc. It provides us a perfect stressful situation, where our stammering increased a bit in explaining such topics.
4. Suraj has taught some good stammering lessons to all which he learned in his life. 
5. As there were two new members- so we emphasis more on formal talks and stammering and TISA SHG platforms. 

Amol is basically from Aurangabad Maharashtra. He is truly a gem as he achieved a great respect through his paintings and maths skills.  He also met Maharashtra CM and central minister shivraj patel. I think he proved once again that stammer is more intelligent and smarter than normal guys. However due to stammering, he had a tough time with his interview on the campus selection. He had told us that everyone gets selected expect him. His next interview session is on 30 April.  So we will try to help Amol so that he can crack his interview from the next meeting.

Prashant with his cousin Ranjan is a perfect fusion of fun and entertainment as Ranjan made us laugh by his funny jokes and prashant shared some life stories where we all laughed a lot.

As requested by Dr Sachin sir, Prashant has sent his wonderful poem-

विडम्बना सबसे बड़ी इस समय की देख लीजिए
चरघें मांगते हैं रौशनी अंधेरों से देख लीजिए

ख़ुदकुशी की घटना से अखबार आज भी गुलज़ार है
उम्मीद किसानों की, बहस सांसद की देख लीजिए

सच की उम्मीद है किसे पर ज़ख्म तो दिखा सके
कमी क्या ह चलन में आईने की देख लीजिए

करोडो लोग बस्ते हैं हमारे मुल्क में लेकिन
हैं थोड़े से लोगो के ही घर महफूज़ देख लीजिए

मगर सबसे बड़ी बात जो कहनी है आपसे
बैठे हैं यहाँ पर सभी खामोश देख लीजिए

आइये चलते हैं कहीं धुप तेज़ हो गई है
या कूड़ेदान से कहना चुनते बच्चों को देख लीजिए

From the next meeting we will try to perform some activities as other city members do. We diapered and finalized the next venue i.e- Zoo.

That's all from Patna SHG Team. Thanks for reading.


ranjan kumar Karn said...

thank you mohit jee for posting this poem. But there needs some correcrtions in the hindi transliteration. like in the first stanza it is चराग़े। in 2nd stanza it is संसद। In last stanza it is खाना not कहना।

sachin said...

Wah wah- kya zam rahe hain sab!!
Milte julte kat jayenge raaste - lambe, ye jindagi ke..

prashant karna said...

Thank you mohit jee for posting my poem. There needs some corrections in Hindi transliteration of it. Like:- instead of charaghen, its charaagen, and then its sansad and not saansad, and in last stanza its khana not kehna.

prashant karna said...

Thanks mohit jee