April 10, 2016

Mumbai SHG - 15 April

Hi everyone, the meet was attended by Dhruv, Nikhil, Shrinivas, Yakub, Narendra, Prachi, JayPrakash (Host) & me the co-host.

Following activities were performed today:

1. Introduction - We had give a basic intro about ourselves and follow it up with 2 of our strengths & weakness.

2. Counting till 100 in a round-robin manner and the person who gets the number multiple of three has to say- 'Haklao magar pyaaar se''. 

3. Extempore - We were given a 2 mins to think about any random topic of our preference and then speak about that for 3 mins. Here one had to speak loud and maintain eye contact with everyone.

4. Singing a song - Every one had to sing any song of their preference.

5. 10 mins of applying bouncing, prolongation & voluntary stuttering on any of the feared & normal words.

6. We ended with playing a Name-Crisis-Game  & a selfie.

Thank you,

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