April 1, 2016

Invitation for Patna Bihar SHG Meeting 3 April

Hello friends,

We from Patna SHG back again back with a new meeting. We are inviting all the members of Bihar to join us for the meeting full of fun and enjoyment. 

Few Activities in Meetings are as follows-

  • Breathing exercises and Techniques practicing.
  • Talking with strangers
  • Formal Introduction of the members.
  • Anxiety Control Round
  • Prepared Speeches
  • Fun Activities like Jokes Saying, Loud speaking.
  • Group Discussion

Venue- Children’s Park, Patna
Time- 4 PM

If you have any query about reaching the venue, do call us or drop your line at-
Suraj- Surajcdeo85@gmail.com, 09835017356
Mohit- Mohit04298@gmail.com, 07277478087

1 comment:

Satyendra said...

Great picture and wonderful idea..
My best wishes!