April 4, 2016

Bangalore SHG meeting Report 03/04/2016

                   "You are not Completely dressed without a smile."

Cheers to all.
                     Bangalore SHG meeting started at 10AM as it has been planned by us. I(Shobhit) was the coordinator for this meeting. We started our meeting with a little introduction of why is this meeting important and what is the purpose. 1st round was for prepared speeches which was conducted by Dinesh. We had 6 ice breaker speeches in which one has to say something about himself. This is for loosening the tension in speaking with a group. Everyone told one and two thing about their life. We had two more speeches which was delivered by Mansi and Janani. It was their second speech in which Mansi told us about Depression: Causes and solutions whereas janani helped us in understanding artificial neuronlogical technology. Everyone had been advised to listen carefully as anyone can be asked to give feedback for someone. It was a very good activity so that listening
skills of the participant can also be improved.
              After this we changed our place because of bees. In the new place, we commenced our Introduction round. We have shifted it after first round or in the last. Introduction was only given by only people who did not had their prepared speeches.

              Post this we started our third activity "Impromptu speeches". Topics were given by Dinesh again and seriously those topics were not so easy to speak on. Everybody took chance for impromptu speeches and everyone spoke very well. After this, Dinesh talked about how, as we have grew older we have left the art of learning, the art of being in the moment, in summarizing we can say "the art of being child". It was a speech we all needed to hear, to be reminded of what we left on our way to get to this place. Some great quotes were also thrown by participants like the one mentioned.

               It was a way in which meeting should be held. Everyone was listening patiently, no one interrupting. Everyone felt they are important for this place. That was the best thing of the meeting.
At last we planned for next meeting, discussed what more can be done to improve our communication as well as the quality of the meeting. It was 1 O' clock now and time to close the meeting. With a sweet smile, we all left just to wait for the next Sunday.

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Mansi said...

Nice report... very well written

Dinesh said...

Well captured and well summarised! Good going Shobhith!!

Dinesh said...

Well captured and well summarised! Good going Shobhith!!

Satyendra said...

Yes, Depression (sub-clinical especially) is commoner than believed. Often it is mistaken for "just the way you sometime feel- nothing to worry about!"..
But depression can truly wreck one's inner life- This need not be so. There are many ways of successfully dealing with it.. One good way is PHYSICAL activity in a group: games, Tai-chi, Trekking etc etc. But it needs lot of self-awareness skills to nip it in the bud..
Congrats SHG-BLR!
And Shobhit!