March 7, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 6 March

Hello Everyone,

There is another meeting happened in Patna. We were three members- Me, Suraj and Virendra (new member). We were right on time and meeting started at right 4.30pm. As virendra was a new member, so me and suraj explained about TISA and its meeting over every state. 

Virendra was married person but was very low due to stammering issues which he faced in life. Suraj has taught some basic rule of life, such as life is inside you, not outside. We are so blessed that we have such a beautiful life. Instead of feeling happy, we always blame our stammering for the misery. Everyone has got some problem, but it depends on us how much we can give power to that problem. 

Such lessons gave virendra a rays of hope. He also visited Aamer to roopsingh rathore for the speech therapy and invested about Rs 30000 but the result was zero. We can’t blame such therapist as they have a some big degree and they teach what he feel is good. Virendra understand that its our duty and we should take personal responsibility of our life.

We have given him three basic rule-
  • Accept you are a stammer.
  • Ignore what other people say and thinks.
  • Face your fear which is very important to manage your stammering
  • Be happy and often smile.
Virendra was quite happy meeting us and vow us to remain continue with the next meeting. We were dispersed  by taking some awesome pics.
Thank you TISA for this platform and thanks to all for reading.

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sachin said...

Thank you Mohit, Suraj and Virendra..
Yes, we can help ourselves with some simple rules. But the first rule is - accepting that sometime, we will stammer- and it is OK.
We dont need to spend lot of money for this. We just have to meet others on the same path.. and life can become NORMAL, happy, creative, fun..
Keep meeting.