March 21, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 20 March

Hello friends,

The meeting was as per the schedule. We met at Barik Ground, Danapur right at 4.30 pm. There were total 4 members Amitabh, Mohit, Suraj and Prashant (new member). The weather was a slight hot, but it botched by our passion of SHG meet

The meeting began with an Introduction round, where we all introduce ourselves with an experience of stammering being affected our lives. Prashant is a new guy so we focused more on him. He is presently preparing for the competitive exams. He is a shayri love guy and presented some deep and great shayri related to politics and happiness. We also thanked him with a loud round of a clause. 

We also emphasis on emotion as said by present that he don’t affect much by emotions. I think it’s a good thing to not to be affected by emotions much. As we stammer tend to show emotion in small issues. Let not affect ourselves by our emotions. 

Suraj has taught some basic lessons such as acceptance and continue smiling. We have seen quite a change in Amitabh nature, now he is more responsible toward his stammering. 

We also take a 2minute breathing exercise which was quite relaxing for us. The meeting adjourned by greeting each other for the Holi festive and vow for the next Sunday meeting

This is all from Patna stammering news center. See you next week.

Happy Holi to all the members of TISA. Have a safe and colorful holi!


prashant karna said...

Thank you mohit jee. It was all a nice meeting with you great guys. Hope more stammerer friends will join us. I will try to maintain the consistency of my presence in every meetings.

sachin said...

Keep meeting and do share some shayari too..!!
Congrats everyone in Patna...