March 10, 2016

I am not able to find improvement ? Tell me how I can see the improvement ? Please

I have been doing practice since long time... I try everything...I do bouncing, I do slow rate of speaking, I do prolongation and somehow I am accepting myself but still when situation comes in my way, I feel less confident and eventually I am not able to use the technique and on other hand, if i am able to speak then also I don't find such changes or improvement.

Answer : Its not a new things first of all, so take a deep breathe and "Jhat se acha feel karo"

How to observe an improvement : Few days back, I was talking to my Delhi SHG fellow member, and he asked the same question, "sir, most of time, when I go through in situation and after implementing things, I  find myself in a way where I can't able to feel Good, worthy or satisfied.

So let me share my experience : for us( person who stammer), its not good to observe ourselves entirely coz no one is perfect, we are a human being then why to observe everything. Let's start with this observation..."expect only 1% improvement".

1% improvement means - A positive observation and acceptance.

Few examples of 1% improvement in my experience.

1. Before, I was not able to stand in the stage but now I am able to stand its okay if the stammering still in the same extent.

2. I still stammer, but my thoughts are now running in very less rate earlier I all the time, thought about stammering.

3. Now, I am able to at-least see some psychological improvement in my speech but I still stammer now what psychological improvement - my false myth and predictive thoughts

4. I still stammer badly while talking with the stranger but somehow now I see 1% improvement of facing that situation.

So overall, what I wanted to say is that If you really accepting yourself, if you are really working on yourself then do not expect that over one night, you will improve your speech in a great extent. A positive thoughts always lead you towards the success and I have found somehow if you are working on yourself, you can easily find 1% improvement. 

Hence proved :)  that we all are improving, we must be proud of being a person who stammer coz very soon we shall become like  a "king of speech"  so keep you practice consistently and accept yourself in all the situations.


Abhay Shanker said...

Very well said. Have confidence on itself and start taking small-small steps and u will notice that u have achieved a lot in improving your communication skills.

sachin said...

Great Ideas, Vishal. 1% can add up to a lot, if we keep working at it..
Also, our REAL worth as human being can never be based on how we spoke, or what impression we made on others..
Great sharing!

(Bachchan Senior wrote: Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti..)

Suraj Kumar said...

Vishal. I will read it
and comment soon

Suraj Kumar said...

Vishal. I will read it
and comment soon

I am god said...

Any improvement in our mental strength , is qualitative in nature and hence we can never measure it in percentage terms....

Anyways , we all need to strive for that improvement , whether we stammer or not. A stammerer must give more importance towards communicating well .... !!

I would say going from feeling bad about how we spoke to treating the stammering as a non existent thing but at the same time trying to work towards your speech is a 100% improvement :)

Thanks Vishal ...