March 1, 2016

Bangalore SHG meeting - 28.02.2016

As the darkness unwound at dawn, the picturesque cubbon park was adoring itself to host yet another dynamic Self Help Meeting at Bangalore.

The team include Mansi, Pradhiba, Chandhini, Nishil, Mohit, Suhanshu, Sameer,  Teja, Sidharth, Bharath, Avinash , Amarnath, Rajkumar and Harikrishna.

Mansi took the lead to coordinate the meeting since the designated coordinator couldn’t make it to the meeting due to some last minute hassle.   

The meeting was kicked off with a round of introduction. However the intro round was a  little overwhelming for five of us...Thanks to the new rule..Those coming late for the meeting have to sing a song....!!

Then it was time for the activity round. We made a group of four teams and were given a situation for an impromptu skit. The theme for the skit were: discipline in college, intolerance towards other religions, a guy trying to flirt with a couple and  two national party supporters exchanging heated arguments. This round was pretty interesting and every one could realize the Amitabh Bachchan / Madhuri Dixit hidden inside every one.

Then the prepared speech round followed. Mohit shed some light on Banking systems and how the central banks  controls or rather manages  the economy. Mansi was eloquent on "Valsalva Mechanism" and its relation to Stammering. The topic indeed was enlightening.  Sidharth gave a persuasive talk on the pros of reading as a habit. Prathiba gave a speech on how she chose to face life with more vibe and achieve formidable success.  

Time went just like that and we dispersed with the satisfaction of spending three and half hours of our life constructively...
And a selfi...sorry... groupie...   !!!

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sachin said...

Made my day-
to see so many smiling faces!
Thnaks all of you..
Keep at it..