March 14, 2016

A Therapy Called "Courage"

Zubin delivering a speech in one of the Goa SHG meets
Zubin is a young PWS from Goa, works in Chennai. Though he is not in Goa, he makes it a point to stay in touch with the Goa SHG through the electronic means. He inspires everyone with his courage. I would like to share this post that he recently shared with us on Whatsapp...

Am I over stammering completely 'no' but it occurs more and more rarely as you face it..
Here is what has worked for me-

1) We may never be able to overcome stammering accept it. Everybody has some problem or the other this is ours. Acceptance itself will help avoid stammering most of the time.
It is the pressure to hide it from others that kills us. 

2) Once you've embraced it, go out there and challenge yourself. ( I personally started with toastmasters, then did a press meet with 200+ people and now just completed acting in a bookmyshow ticketed play which was a full house -- 250+ people ). Didn't it freak me out..? It most definitely did! But every obstacle I cleared it also made me more confident. The important thing is to take failure for what it is a stepping stone to understanding yourself better and winning the next time round.

3) Everything is related. I have psychologically trained myself by exposing myself to sky diving, walking on glass, breaking an arrow on my neck. I have taken these experiences and used them with handling stammering.

4) Have fun. Enjoy the freaking process that's all that matters.
FOCUS on the PAST and you will be depressed.
FOCUS on the FUTURE and you will be anxious
FOCUS on the PRESENT and all else will take care of itself.

5) Don't compare yourself with others. Improve on yourself everyday that is all that matters.

6) Even if you do not see substantial results don't freak yourself out. Keep at it the results will come as Edison said he didn't fail a 1000 times with the electric bulb, he just found a 1000 ways to understanding how it didn't work. I still struggle with this one sometimes. We stammerers are impatient people. We want instant results.

7) Help others with their problems. 

8) Don't over-complicate things. Stop being crippled by stammering and start succeeding in life. 



Satyendra said...

Zubin has captured TISA's spirit and message so well..

Harish, in next NC we should have a session of walking on burning coals, eating tubelights, swallowing sword and bungy jumping..! Get ready! (ha ha ha..)

Harish Usgaonker said...

Hahaha... By the way, I forgot to add the disclaimer: please do not try it (point no. 3) at home. :D ;)

jasbir singh said...

Zubin has actually understood the psychology behind Fear.
Avoid the Fear , it Grows...
Challenge the Fear , it Goes.
Good luck Dear Zubin.
Please keep it up and also keep motivating others by sharing your personal experiences.

ABHISHEK said...

Having realised that courage is indeed amongst the best of all therapies, I am learning to be courageous. Thanks for this wonderful article, and to Zubin for being a role model