February 8, 2016

SHG Meeting Chandigarh

SHG meeting was organized at lake in sector 42, Chandigarh on 07.02.2016  morning. I reached the venue at around  9.30 am. Jasmeet, Sumit, Gaurav, Mukul, Kapil were already there. We started the session with 10 minutes of Ana- pana meditation to calm and relax our mind which is continuously agitated. Ana- pana is the first step towards Vipassana meditation. We all felt relaxed after the session. It was followed by laughter excercises which is also very beneficial. Then we did some deep breathing excercises including shouting. It was followed by a round of self introductions . Then we had prolongation and voluntary stuttering sessions.
After the above rituals we had a round of park and interacted with strangers applying voluntary stuttering , which was the real test to judge our improvements.

All were very much satisfied with their improvements. We dispersed with a commitment to meet regularly.
In Tricity there are around 25 members . All are requested to meet regularly in SHG.

Jasbir Singh.

99150 06377.


sachin said...

Congrats everyone!

Shamsher Singh said...

I am interested to join group

Jasmeet Singh said...

I remembered it was a beautiful day and meeting with Jasbir Sir is more awesome and energetic.

For CHANDIGARH SHG anybody can Contact me/ watts app me / mail me on +91-9988990330.

jasmeet singh said...

hi Shamsher you can contact me @ 9988990330

ashish Shrma said...

We have to come on every sunday morning at 8am at sector 42 lake chandigarh . In meeting we got the crieteria for curing stammering