February 21, 2016

Another one at Lal Bagh: Bangalore SHG meeting on 21st feb 2016

Sunny day started well with plans to attend SHG after a week gap. Unfortunately, the meeting venue was shifted from Cubbon Park to  Lal Bagh due to a Carnival at Brigade Road. We started at around 10:30 am due to chaos due to changes in venue, but all ended well with peace and sharing.

15  people attended the meeting-  Swarnalatha, Prathibha, Jonali, Me (Mansi), Soma, Shobhit, Akash, Kavish, Sid, Teja, Avnish, Bharat, Sudhanshu, Nishil and Rajesh.

To start with, we didnt have introduction round like we normally do. It was a Chaos again, more of an organized one, because Akash (Our coordinator) didnt want people to sleep in between talks. So the idea was to randomly merge Introduction, Impromptu Speeches, Prepared Speeches and songs.

 And Akash would randomly pick anyone of us and ask him/her to give intro/impromptu /prepared speech. We were nervous, who's gonna be next? Well in a way, it was good, as the situation mimicked the real life situations we confront.  

Prepared Speeches included-
1. Empowering Mind- Soma talked nicely about the ideas as to how to empower the mind for happy journey of life.

2. Stock Marketing- Jonali was in full form today and spoke beautifully about Stock marketing.

3. Forgiveness- I spoke about Forgiveness, its consequences and practices in psychology, followed by a short activity.

4. Sid, with his confident voice and empowering gestures, spoke about issues at JNU.

5.  Human Voice- This was the best speech according to me, given by Bharat. He spoke about all the bad habits we have when it comes to speaking (gossiping, judging, negativity, complaining, lying, blaming etc) and how we can change everyone;s perception just by changing these bad habits into good ones such as honesty, authencity, integrity and love.

6. Sudhanshu spoke about computing group. Well i dont understand computing so very well so...
Impromptu speeches included random topics such as Love, friendship, anger, intolerance, importance of tattoo, hobbies, nature etc.

In all the action, we got emotional because of an act of Mime performed by Teja, which focussed on a story of two friends, one mature and one innocent (as per his words).

We also got suggestions by few of the group members about using techniques such as bouncing and prolongation during speeches.

The meeting ended with sharing round, where few people shared their hearts out- both good and bad, with suggestions from rest of the team. We ended the session with photographs.   


Dhruv Gupta said...

Wonderful...nice to see Bharat and Kavish...

Jonali said...

Nice Report!! Mansi.

harikrishnaraj said...

Nice report....
Missed the fun...