December 10, 2015

Grand SHG meeting in Cubbon park, Bangalore on 13th December

Hello everyone,

    You all are invited in the Grand Shg meeting on 13th December i.e next Sunday.
    Venue: Cubbon park, Bangalore
    Time: 10am - 2pm
  •  1. Introduction round (3 minutes will be given to each member to introduce themselves including their struggle in life, achievement, dreams, hope etc.)
  • 2. Experience sharing ( any motivational experience sharing regarding managing of stammering or any situation in daily life)
  • 3. Energizer activity
  • 4. Block and tackle round (will be explore in meeting)
  • 5. Voluntary stuterring
  • 6. Singing a song ( If someone doestn't know singing, they can tell anything in the singing technique)
  • 7. Fun Activity  
We need your presence to make this event as  Grand SHG.
If you are new in this shg, then feel free to call any of the bangalore shg member.


vishal gupta said...

All the best !!!

Unknown said...

thank u vishal....and thanks fr the help to fix the agenda...