November 18, 2015

Open Mic Discussion - Specially for freshers in TISA

THANKS TISA for your continuous support and help 

Hitherto, I just have completed my 3.4 year with TISA so I decided to share my experience but for that I need a new blog :) so feel free to join the Google Hangout on 21st November & share your Gmail in the comments.

Idea behind this, that lot of new members of TISA are curious to see the cure, to see the improvement and to find a path to get rid of with the stammering so I just thought to do this, just for sharing my personal experiences as well as the knowledge which I have gotten from TISA.

Important : will mail you the fixed time by Saturday morning (till 10 am)

---haklao magar pyaar se---**---haklao magar pyaar se---**---haklao magar pyaar se---**---haklao magar pyaar se---**


Ravi Kant Sharma said...

all the best Vishal...

sachin said...

विशाल - बहुत अच्छा ख्याल है.. हम लोग अगर इसी तरह आपस में बात करते रहे तो हमारी बहुत सी मुश्किलें आसान हो जाएँगी .. आपकी पहल बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण है .. चाहे दो लोग हो या बीस, फ़िक्र न करें और अपनी साधना में लगे रहे.. तीसा इन्ही प्रयासों का नाम है..