November 17, 2015

I am NOT getting placement due to stammering, what should i do?? - A common question by PWS


Everybody is quite familiar with his/her strength and weakness . In the interviews communication skills matter a lot , in this situation it is very challenging for a PSW to face the interview with full confidence . I was also nervous but I would like to give the great THANKS to TISA for inspiring me and motivating me to convert my weakness into strength
First of all , I told them about my problem that I have stammering problem and may take some more time to express my words.
They made me comfortable by saying "no problem , take your time ". As my technical is strong .
I answered most questions with proper stammering wink emoticon .
I entered the room with the smile . I was asked to introduced myself (here I accepted my problem) .
He asked very normal questions which I managed to answer well.
One of the question he asked was " why should I not hire you ". I answered , " As u know ,
I am a stammerer smile emoticon , if this problem overcomes my talent than you can reject me .
otherwise I think I m a deserving candidate ". After that he asked some more questions.
After qualifying TR and MR round i was much confident. In HR round , he behaved rudely ( may be he was checking my patience) . And he asked further HR questions.
After HR round I thought that I would not be selected for final list . But when result was declared I saw my name in the list smile emoticon.
It was the greatest moment for me . grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon
" ACCEPT (stammering) and you must try to complete your sentence whether it takes more or less time " . smile emoticon



sachin said...

Even more beautiful - is the fact that you came back and shared your experience - so that other pws can take courage!!

Yes, if one accepts what is a FACT, one is immediately liberated from the fear and anxiety.. And then you are free to focus on the JOB at hand..
Congrats and Bravo!

I am god said...

Nice one archit ... :)

All the best at your job ..

Sanjeev Kumar said...

look firstly? dnt ever think stammering can be a problem in getting a job
i am in btech final year(confused which campany to join now :D)
till date i gave 5 interviews made in 3 n couldnt make in 2 .
selected in- infosys,congnizant , ericsson(my dream campany)-
regected in- wipro(could write program related to string nothing to do with stammering),idea cellular(could not answer few technical question and there were candidate who were knew more than me alteast that time :P)

bt the reason i could make it in 2 was nt my stammering bt in those two i couldnt asnswer few question (not because of fear actually i didnt knew the answer :P)

i also cleared group discussion round then only i was given oppurtunity for interview.
all i can say from my experience that it is the thought that matters not the way you convey it . people are patience and supportive they would surely listen if your words would make sense to them.
dude dont loose hope read newspaper , intract with strangers n yea talk ovr phone a lot a lot means a lot things would improve soon may be in a week n foremost have trust on yourself

when i was in 5th class- 2 min pledge took 5 mins for me to speak on stage but i never loosed hope
n recently in my university i bagged 1st prize in debate(for reburting) n yeah i did stammered in between that time .

have faith in yourself and your skill.
never blame your speech for your failure all i would say if you don't take steps then its totally your fault start working n show people around you what all you got..

in case you need any advice feel free to contact

Pratik Sharma said...

Very...inspired and nice experience