October 16, 2015

Jaipur SHG Meeting Invitation 18/10/2015

Jaipur SHG members are very exciting after their first National Conference in Delhi. So we are inviting all PWS in our next meeting on Sunday.

The agenda of meeting is as following:
1. Introduction.
2. National conference experience sharing & discussion.
3. Open Discussion on stammering
4. Acceptance and awareness session
5. Speech therapy techniques practice
6. One song by each member.
7. At least 2 jokes by each member

This Sunday our expected strength is 5 to 6 member. So there will be a lot of fun. Hurry up friends because this time we are full of with a lot of confidence.

We want to say thanks to Delhi SHG members. They organized conference in a very friendly and gorgeous manner. They are claimant for this admiration.

Venue # date # time : Central Park(Gate no. 3), Jaipur # 18/10/2015  # 2 to 6pm

Thank You!

Chandrapraksah Goyal (PWS)- 8239715445   goyal.chandraprakash2011@gmail.com

1 comment:

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

wow...very well drafted invitation
I can feel the excitement in it...have a great meeting...enjoy and stammer freely...