August 16, 2015

Bangalore SHG meeting- on 16 august 2015

Two days back i realized one thing- whatever i think or i do harms me and/or others. So i pledged to set myself free from all chains and i decided that i will always do the opposite of whatever the negativity (unmanagable emotions such as morose, anger, fear etc) makes me do. Independence Day was all about setting myself FREE!!!

So today, after getting up, my mind was cluttered with 100s of thoughts and emotions instead of SHG. I was more exhausted  and grumpy than regular days, more scared i would say. BUT, I decided the opposite of what i really wanted. I went for a run to heighten my endorphins and i was ready to go for SHG. YAY!!!

So, when i reached at the Cubbon Park, only two people were sitting there chit chatting- Naman and Akash. Firstly we just chatted about how we spend Independence Day. Next, as suggested by Naman, we decided to go for "stranger talk" directly, without further delay. So overall, we talked to 7 groups. Naman initiated the talk with first group. Next was Akash. So this aged couple seemed to "know everything" about stammering, told us about Pranic Healing and homeopathic medicines in curing stammering. Well Pranic Healing is nothing but cleaning up all the negative auras which inhabitate us whenever we encounter something negative in our lives. Quite an interesting topic to do research on, i felt!! ;).......

Anyways next was my turn. Stranger talk was scary for me, always!! But, since, i decided to do opposite what i feel i should do, keeping all the fear aside, i decided to talk, of course Naman and Akash motivated me a lot, yay!! So this group ( 5 people) was awesome. When questioned- "what advice would you give to a person who stammers?" , the girl answered - "if i dont know what a person is going through, how can i give any advice to take care of his/ her problems." This is SO TRUE FOR ANY PERSON, BE IT A STAMMERER OR NOT. 

So out of 7 groups, 5 groups knew people who stammered (family/close friends), which made us feel that there are so many people who need help and these people might not know where to go. I just hope that these people will their stammerer friends/family about TISA. After completing stranger talk, we just talked about few topics such as-
1. PWS whom we know, apart from SHG/TISA and how they manage their stammering.
2. Causes of Stammering since childhood, etc.

Then we ended the meeting with a hope that next time a lot more people will attend SHG and we will plan more with respect to "stranger talk activity".

While walking down to the main road, me and Akash discussed about how stammering started in our lives, what started it, what psychological impact stammering makes upon us and role of meditation (such as  Vipassana) etc in managing stammering, etc. We also discussed about Pranic healing, he disclosed that his brother has previosuly done Pranic Healing course and felt positive and motivated. We finally concluded that we dont want to cure our stammering, but we want to get rid off the psychological complications it causes, which affects our daily lives including our relations with our loved ones, plus the stress that causes health issues. 

Mansi Mehta

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kavish said...

Nice Writeup!!!

sachin said...

That is very true, Mansi. When you are free of that stammering mindset, you are cured. You dont have to go after the physical act- trying hard to stop it. It stops mattering. That is true Independence day for us..
Congrats all of you!