July 13, 2015

News from Patna SHG 12 July

On Sunday,  meetings was held at the Eco park at around 3.30pm.  We were 3 people- Mohit, Suraj and new member Krishna.

As krishna is our new member so we started our meeting with the introduction round.

Krishna is a new one so we talked more with him about him, his work, his experience with stammering and his achievements and dreams. He is currently preparing for the competitive exams. He is a very jolly guy who enjoy life in spite of many hurdles and problems in life. We both thoroughly enjoyed his company. He said hez biggest fear is to get a recharge done from any shop.

Meanwhile we keep on making jokes as suraj is a full comedian. He cracked many jokes and we laughed like anything.

Today I thought to explore my feelings of fear. So we approached one couple near us and we talked to them about the stammering and its consequences. The guy was a good person so he understood and had given us advice to stay away from fear and boost your confidence.

Then we had coffee and ice-cream and talked more.

Then Finally we dispersed after taking some great trio- pictures.

This is all from the Patna SHG Report.

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Have a great week!