July 2, 2015

It's never too late to be what you might have been

Bangalore SHG:

Left to Right : One among the nature

Siddarth, Siddarth(Sid),Tapan, Rohit, Sharath, Soma, Nishil , Rueben , HariKrishna, Pramod.

The meeting began at 10.30 once we had a handful of people to begin with.
We started with the Introduction round:
We had a new member Siddarth from jaipur. It was a pleasure to meet you siddarth, siddarth is a
Entrepreneur and software developer.Has Been part of multiple shgs in Jaipur, Pune and currently shifted to bangalore on behalf of work.

Next we conducted the spontaneous speeches which has become one of our standard activities in bangalore SHG.Topics Harikrishna(Change) , Pramod(Change), Sharath(silence), Rohit(Greatness), Nishil(Argument), Soma(curiosity) ,Rueben(Intelligence) , Tapan(nature), Siddarth (Marriage)Siddarth (Fashion),
The person who gives the topic was the next presenter :). Thus you can deduce who gave which topic to whom.

Confessions: Laying it bare - Without the fear of any comment or repercussions we created a platform for people to speak their mind out.Revealing the thoughts which has been bothering you lessens the burden. Doing it so in front of the crowd lightens up the heart. After this activity we all felt a sense of serenity filling up in us. Days of futile pondering on a futuristic or past event gets washed up among the crowd with nothing else to hide.

Discussion on Memories : Each one of us shared the thought on which was their best memory of SHG in Bangalore , what made that stand out from the rest of the meets.

Cup cakes : Thanks to Soma who brought the cup cakes from Mansi, who just finished her vipassana course , Hope to see you next week mansi in SHG and hear your Vipassana experience.


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sachin said...

Yes, nothing like a good confession! We carry a lot of burden un-necessarily...
I know Sid...

Sharath A said...

Yes , that was the best round we had in some time !! Thanks to the one who made us do this .. Pramod ! :)