May 11, 2015

Jaipur SHG Meeting Report dated 10th May

Hello friends
We had an awesome SHG Meeting on this Sunday. We were five members - Anurag, Chandra Prakash, Omji, Mukesh and myself (Ravi).
We gathered in Central Park in Jaipur at around 4PM. Omji and Mukesh were new members and are pursuing MBBS.
We started off with an introduction and then we shared experience of stammering. Then as always we had a discussion on stammering. And it was a healthy discussion (as the meeting had MBBS and B.Tech guys!!!!!!). We also discussed on social and psychological aspects related to stammering. Then I explained other members Bouncing, Prolongation, Pausing and Voluntary Stuttering techniques. As humour is very essential so now it was Joke session and I must say everyone seems to be enjoying the moment.
So now it was 8 PM although we planned upto 6 PM only.
We then clicked some pics. Here are some of them....

Ravi Kant Sharma (PWS)
Jaipur, +91-9461257111


Satyendra said...

Congrats Ravi!
Yes, Humour has a a huge role in recovery. Only mature people can laugh on themselves. Humour acts as a little warmth, which can melt the (Sheehan's) ice berg in a few weeks... (Global warming!)

Keep smiling!

Unknown said...

Hi people are doing great regularly and follow the techniques written in aph shg manual.