May 24, 2015

Bangalore SHG Meeting on 24th May :Traffic free Sunday in Cubbon Park

Bangalore SHG Meeting on 24th May :Traffic free Sunday in Cubbon Park

Ateendees: Anshuman,Anupam,Akash,Dinesh,Pramod,Pawan,Sid,Ruben,Nishil,Raman,Sharath and me(Rohit Mishra)

It was good sunny day ,I reached Cubbon Park on time but came to know that from now on wards
vehicles are not allowed in Cubbon Park on Sundays,So it took some time to find proper parking
place and  I could reached the meeting place 15 mins late and saw 3 people at the venue.

and without wasting time further we started slow reading from "AHJ".Everyone read one Paragraph
and Finally Dinesh Read last Paragraph which illustrates a story from Akbar and Birbal.

Story goes like this

Akbar sitting in his count draws a  line and asks his courtiers to make this line smaller without
touching, everyone tried but could not make line smaller drawn by Emperor, finally Birbal
drew bigger line next to smaller line and told,job is done.
Now it was our turn to express ourselves how we can make out lines smaller and according to each of us, what is our bigger lines and which is our smaller line. everyone participated in this topic and expressed their views.

As it was traffic free Sunday first time in Cubbon park, A Reporter from Kannada TV channel also approached us to know our views, it was good opportunity for us to express our self in front of Camera.

Dinesh ,Nishil and Me spoke on our views and concerns on traffic free Sundays in Cubbon Park.

Now I was time for Prepared Speeches.Speeches. Akash gave very good and inspiring speech on Mobile and its addiction.
Then We came to know a Lady ,who is doing PHD in Stuttering/Stammering is coming to meet us,
and she wanted to talk us  and want to know more about direct  source of stuttering.
Each one of us introduced us on microphone and she recorded our voice for further analysis of our voice patterns.
It was on the spot and sudden activity so it had to be natural.

At last I gave my speech on "Condition of Rural education in India"
With this We finally concluded the day, I think this was the double Damaka, buy one get one free
with TV appearance


Nishil said...

Good one mishraji :)

SHARATH A said...

Nice one...

Sad that i Missed the reporter part and the rural education speech...

Satyendra said...

Congratulations Rohitendu! This is an amazing group...Hope you have taken the contact number of the lady who is studying stammering. Let us find out what does she find out...

kartik mishra said...

Sir we can given you contact no. to her,
She may contact you.

Mansi said...

Wow...i missed such a nice meeting ....nice report bdw :)