April 21, 2015

Skype meeting report (04/20,21/2015)

Yesterday and Today Skype call report,

In Skype call we were 5-6 members today and yesterday. We did 4-5 activities,

1.) Introduction
2.) 2 minute speech on random topics
3.) Passage reading (slow speaking technique)
4.) Sharing things like (Fear, achievements, jokes etc)
5.) Single line story telling
6.) Round Robin

First snap (04/21/2015), Second Snap (04/20/15)

Tisa members who joined the call,

Sanjeev, Ram, Reuben, Siddhartha, Vinod, Asad, Deepesh, and Akash(me)

Who would like to join the Skype calls please add my skype id akash_super1.
Timing : 10:00pm to 11:00pm (Indian standard time)



sachin said...

Congrats Akash!
Very well conducted session, I must say! This is what self-help is all about: Initiative minus commerce; Communication minus cure; Friends minus clients..
Have fun!

sachin said...

Asad- nice to see you man! What are you up to these days? Would love to get an email from you!!

Akash Dixit said...

Thanks Sachin Sir