April 9, 2015

Hrithik condemns intex mobile ad for exploiting stuttering

Hrithik's tweet

An intex ad using a handicap-a boy wth a stutter 2 enhance d fluency of its product. Irresponsible. Insensitive.Want 2 ban sumthing ban dis.

intex stammering ad link , click to open


Satyendra said...

Left my critical comment...Many more people may do that.. It does not have the positive treatment seen in Nescafe ad unfortunately..
Thanks Abhishek for flagging it.

ABHISHEK said...

It seems they have deleted most of the critical comments on their youtube page by now! Besharmi ki haddh paar kar di.

Satyendra said...

chalo phir se comment karte hai :))

Satyendra said...

Oh- our comments are there. Good news. In addition, I have reported the video under "Abusive content", with following comment:
Stammering is a neuro-biological condition leading to discrimination, shame, fear and guilt. Negative portrayal in media and this ad makes life difficult for youngsters growing up with stammering. Use of stammering in this ad is neither creative, nor essential to the theme that a particular cellphone is good, fast etc etc. It is socially irresponsible and insensitive. This is my submission as a person who stammers and who works for people who stammer. Thank you. satksri@gmail.com, stammer.in

TK said...

It's surprising Hrithik's tweet is not mentioned by any section of the media who usually make a headline of the most mundane celebrity tweets.