March 30, 2015

Today I'm soo happy..My dream come TRUE :)
Finally after a lot of struggle with my speech and confidence I GOT the JOB :)

I wanna to tell about my experience and Hopefully it will help u also..!!!
-Earlier whenever i go for an interview i always thinks about that what will happen...shall i tell him about stammering or not..what should i do when i stammer...which techniques should i use ??..etc etc
So, becoz of all this crap i was in pressure and when real interview begins i started stammering badly..!!!

Now, How I have changed all these..!!
As the above problem is persistent with me in few Interview but after than that i took help from my they know i'm, i started giving Mock Interviews..!!!
Mock Interviews really helped me a lot , they give me the real experience of interview..!!!
Certainly i started improving on my speech..!!

Note: I started using some techniques like-slow speech, Pausing while giving, i got acquinted with these techniques...!!!

So, In my final interview i used the same techniques...took pauses in between and I was very calm..Didn't think about my stammering & gave the Interview..!!! It went very well...I explained all my internships, projects etc...HR person really got impressed :)
Finally result was announce and In final process of 10 students interview only 4 got job and i was among them...!!! :D
It was the best moment in my life.....Special thankss to Sachin Sir :) 


sachin said...

Thanks Mukesh for sharing your thoughts. You may also add- that you did not have any formal/paid "Speech Therapy" - and you have achieved all this largely thru self-effort! This is important to change certain myths in society...
Well done. Keep marching ahead...

abhishek said...
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abhishek said...

congrats Mukesh :).. Such posts inspire other pws a lot .. keep sharing. Aur party to banti hai boss!!

mukesh singh said...

I think only by Self Effort you can improve ur weakness as u yourself know u better than any other speech therapist...!!!
So, work hard on speech ...follow techniques...take help from other confidence and then achieve ur dream...!!! :)

vishal gupta said...

very happy for you Mukesh !!!! #SUPERSONIC

Mohit said...

Heartiest Congratulations !!