February 25, 2015

Stammer ? Is it Really A Hindrance ......?

I think Stammering is not a hindrance to what we  want to achieve ......provided if we really want to achieve something. Since Two Years of my association with TISA , I have seen people doing well in their professional Life as well their family Life. There have been successful  politicians with stammering issue, actors who have achieved what they wanted to .Yes Stammering is a complex struggle but then every person on this Earth has to face Struggle.So beyond Stammering , there are plenty of things that we must experience since we have got just one Life.....!!!

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sachin said...

Yes, Karan. Many of us, start blaming stammering for every difficulty. Then, we think, that when stammering is fixed, all my problems will be solved. And TILL THEN, I need not do anything..!! I just have to wait - for a perfect technique or perfect therapist.
But, In the meantime, life is passing us by..
I am so happy that you have successful stepped out of that mindset on YOUR OWN. Congrats!