February 19, 2015


When you are trying to speak something to a person and you end up struggling very hard inside your mouth to utter those words and that person just move on because he is not aware actually that you are making any attempt to speak because nothing audible is coming out of your mouth and even your facial reaction is not giving any hint to that person that you are making any effort to say something.Your face is reflecting a calm person while every single muscle of your tongue inside your mouth is putting all the efforts to get the initial word out, but in vain.

Well, that person went away and I faced one of my biggest humiliating experience again.

So what?

I am not dead.I am still alive after this episode.I can ask the same question to next guy coming across.After all, we are living in a country having more than 120 million people.

I think nothing is bad enough to be afraid of.I will not write any more regarding this because I haven't embraced this idea enough yet.


Satyendra said...

Wonderful! You are ready to write your own (a la Gandhi ji): My experiments with TRUTH!
How empowering!

Satyendra said...

when you accept this moment - instead of hating it, fighting it- you are emotionally set free to consider your options objectively and with calmness. THIS helps you to get your communication back on rails. This is the meaning of "Haklao magar pyar se" and "Accept stammering; work on communication"..

Ravi said...

very true...and I really like your line "I think nothing is bad enough to be afraid of"
Acceptance is the key to the recovery from stuttering.