December 27, 2014

Report- One day yoga and meditation workshop in Delhi,dated 25th Dec'2014

Important note: All the ingredients of naughtiness added in this report is PURELY intentional and any resemblance to any living human being is NOT coincidental at all.Moreover,any negative comments on this pinch of naughtiness are NOT welcome at all.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....ooopsssss uncontrolled bouncing

It was a chilling Christmas morning when a handful of stutterers gathered to discuss and learn how mind and body can be trained to work in cohesion to help them speak better.

Making it further a more pleasant experience, the facilitator himself was a stutterer as well.

Excited enough to read what actually happened that day?

Well..well....hold on.Every good secret take some time to unfold.

Before jumping to the script(activities of that day), let us know the characters first:

Protagonist alias facilitator                                        Mr.Sergey from Ukraine
Director of the play (co-ordinator)                            Mr.jagbir, amazing event co-ordinator
Antagonist,the villain                                                  Myself, well guys i don't like praising myself

Here goes the list of actors and that one actress (ladies first)

Rahul (Gwalior)
Subham Sharma
Jeetu Pal
Naresh Kumar
Shiv Shankar Sharma

We started a bit late around 10 am because it was a super chilling day making the actors to reach the venue late.
But they didn't mind it at all because they are so habitual of getting the words late out of their mouth.

Not to forget, the antagonist reached the venue by 11AM and he took the revenge of not waiting for him by taking more than double the time allotted for his useless talk.

The facilitator,Sergey introduced himself.really such a nice hearted mature man in his 50s. Apart from having a beautiful heart, he got a very charming face as well.Now, I can understand why girls from Russian region are considered so beautiful.

Then Mr.jagbir, the director gave necessary instructions to all the participants and share all the ground rules.He was no less than Steven Spielberg at that time.And, those usual eyes closing with a smile on face while dealing with a block...such a killer expression (maar daala).

Then the facilitator revealed various secrets of mind and how it functions.Then i got to know how I can train this never stopping mind to maintain a positive frame of mind while was a mini talk on POSITIVE THINKING.Giving Positive affirmations throughout the day of being a good communicator and positive visualization of future speaking situations that we are speaking comfortable in those situations.
Whatever we think, we are tend to become the same

Then we proceed to meditation session. Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) was practised for about an hour in 3 intervals with increasing order of time duration.It was a sort of preparatory meditation practice for VIPASSANA meditation

Then that charming Ukrainian man spoke about the correct way of breathing and its advantages. He spoke about diaphragmatic/coastal breathing technique. Various belly muscles strengthening exercises were discussed by him.

it was the turn for rhythmic speaking session where we learnt hot to speak text sentences in a rhythm to speak effortlessly.

After that we rush to have lunch, one of the most exciting part of this session fir sure.

You know guys, i was knowing already that the director (Mr.jagbir) is a foodie and I was proved right by checking that delicious lunch menu.

After lunch, it was my turn to make sure no body got slept.So, i bombarded everyone there with a useless talk for almost one and half hour.

I bet, no body dared to sleep in that session and they were all ears to me with eyes wide open.

I tried to make an awful attempt to explain about the concept of TISA,acceptance and a brief of various speaking techniques.

In the evening,Sergey was back with a fantastic yoga session.He is really a pro when it comes to yoga.I can clearly remember the glow in his eyes before the start of yoga session.

He was all around with all those yoga postures.He started with easy ones and gradually introduced those amazing postures where he would fold his body parts in crazy style with so ease and I would just see him with my mouth wide open.Owing to the risk of rupture in my newly bought jeans, I kept my emotions in control and prefer to watch Mr.Jagbir and others doing them so eagerly.

Then, it was the time for some chit-chat and fun activities like press conferences,debates and roleplays.

Not to forget, we have a few tea sessions in between to maintain our energy levels.

Then, the director (Mr.jagbir) presented 2 packets of pickle to the facilitator as a token of thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas with all of us.

Director claimed that it was homemade pickle which he himself prepared but he was lying because i could clearly see the brand label (NILON's) on those packets.


Jagbir said...

Such a nice post ashish. You nailed it, excellent writeup.

You only got those pickle ashish. ;)

I hope every attendee is now very clear what TISA is after your explanation. It was the same what i had in my mind.

At first i was very hesitant how this event will shape up. But then i got strength from Sachin sir and sikander sir and everything was very well arranged. Abhisekh and vishal couldnot attend the workshop but they helped a lot in making this workshop successful.

Also, i would like to thank all the attendees as without them it wouldn't be possible.

We hope to organize more events like these.

vishal gupta said...

great Guys !!! I missed the beautiful opportunity so sad !!! but at the other side I am very glad to read the report and to analyze how effective the wokrshop was. So Great Sergey, Ashish and Jagbir Sir. !!!!!

Satyendra said...

Congrats everyone..
Great teamworkand spicy documentation!

mohit said...

Wow!! Such a nice idea and an article worth reading. Keep writing and accepting who you are!!

Thank you!