December 21, 2014

Adventures of the PWS

A Group Photo after the SHG meet
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season, when tourist inflow in Goa is at peak, seven PWS met at the Bhagwan Mahavir Park at Campal, Panaji. Zubin, a PWS from Goa but presently working in Chennai, was scheduled to attend his first meeting with us. He was in touch with us on WhatsApp group.

The agenda for the meeting was set planned as follows:
-          Impromptu speaking sessions
-          Speech by Zubin
-          Speech by Harish
-          A story narration by Rajesh
-          Resolutions and Goals for the next year.

We all started with our regular ritual of talking about self. Even if we all know each other, we do make it a point to start with introductions- but today we had Zubin, about whom we wanted to know, and vice versa.

Vikas then hosted a very interesting and fun-filled impromptu speaking sessions. Vikas threw funny and hilarious topics and gave challenging but fun situations for role plays. I (Harish) played the carefree employee who doesn’t complete his work, while Dnyanesh played my strict boss, Prajyot and Nagnath played a humourous scene where the shop-keeper gives ‘toffees’ instead of change, Rajesh played a forest officer trying to explain girls not to litter waste on the ground, and Zubin played a PWS attending an SHG, but getting distracted by the girls, and trying to excuse himself… thankfully Zubin chose to end the scene by choosing to be in the SHG.

Then came the speeches. Zubin started with his amazing speech of how he accomplished some goals- of travelling to a new place and trying an adventure, and then explained how he went about accomplishing it- that is, how he went to USA and actually did sky-diving. Phew! Zubin is one adventure-freak!

Harish then delivered a speech titled – “Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan”, which was about the nervous incident he experienced in Mumbai, while travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Goa, and how he almost missed the flight..! Another adventure J

Rajesh then had all of us inspired. He narrated a story from the chapters of History, about the brave Shivaji Maharaj. His expressions, sound effects (horses running, cannons blasting) and the narration really re-created the entire incident right in front of our eyes!!

Finally, we all made resolutions with regards to our recovery, communication and doing something about our stuttering mindset. Nagnath, Prajyot and Dnyanesh had some interesting sharing too along with the resolutions.

And that was the end of the adventure for the year, and we all look forward to the adventure in store for the New Year!!

Wishing one and all, a very happy new year in advance!!

Some more pics:

Rajesh narrating the story

Nagnath and Prajyot in the role play

Zubin talking about his Goals and Accomplishments

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sachin said...

Hmmmm.... Must have been a great session , fun filled .