December 16, 2014

1st SHG Meet in Nagpur

1st SHG MEET in Nagpur

After  intensive discussion with all the Team Players…SHG Meet in Nagpur has been organized in K-Square restaurant, Nagpur on 14thDec’2014. The Time which was decided  by all of us was 1 PM.

  • Manish Upadhyay (Nagpur)
  • Avi Mane (Nagpur)
  • Nishant Athwale (Amravati)
  • Vikas Kumar (Nagpur)

What we had done:

Initial Discussion:
  • As We all met after long time, Initially discussed about the progress which everyone made after the NC-14.(Till that time Vikas was not reached)
  • Once Vikas reached and since he was new to SHG, Avi & Nishant shared views about TISA & NC-14.

Introduction Activity:
  • Introduction Activity has been done in which Every Participant  have introduced themselves. We have not decided about the time of Introduction as we were only 4 Participants. In the Introduction, it was observed that Vikas has already attended SHG Meet in Delhi and he shared the experience about it.
  • Everyone shared about their life & job profile as well.

Experience Sharing:
  • Everyone was asked what they are doing or practicing so that they can recover from their hesitation. Everyone shared that they are practicing as per India Super Speakers Group. (What’s App)
  • Discussed about How our Mind works and everyone involved in the discussion
  • We also shared about our funny experiences which we faced because of stammering.

Next SHG Meet Agenda:
  • We finalized that at least once in 15days,we can meet
  • Everyone shared that they are agree to come on 11th Jan’2015.
  • Everyone promises that they will bring one PWS along with them so that We can have more number of candidates in SHG.
  • The SHG Meet has been concluded at 3:30 PM with Veg-Crispy ,Tea & Photo Session.

  • We thanked each other with ‘Jaduu ki Jhappi’ as we made SHG Meet possible in Nagpur.
  • We are specially Thankful to Nishant as he came from Amravati (He started his journey in morning 8:30AM from his village to attend SHG meet in Nagpur at 1PM)
Thanks to TISA.
One Team-One Dream
Posted By-Manish Upadhyay.


sachin said...

Congrats everyone. Esp.Nishant. keep meeting and extending your boundaries....

mohd mohsin raza said...

Plz give me the no. Of nagpur shg team