November 13, 2014

Revisiting my own mind

A big hello to everyone and a prayer for your beautiful life. So, since last few days i am having a lot of free time and as everybody knows, During our leisure time we start to visit our past. We all know that as time passes all memories start to dim. So sir, please feel free to comment if i am wrong or i have forgotten something. Images are dusty now so it is difficult to read what is written underneath.
It depends on you which place you want to recap. I decide to go to herbertpur again. I was able to recall a particular moment when i was with sir in his car an we were returning from dehradun. I asked him how he was able to suddenly change his whole attitude towards stammering. How the all negative thoughts of 44 years just vanished in a course of four year. How he achieved this much freedom to stammer whenever he wants and not stammer when he doesn't want. No. i was not hoping for a magical tube named JADUI AWAZ which i will smear on my throat and Wooooo, i am a normal person now. I thought i knew how the answer was going to but it was wholly an opposite. He told that after 44 years i realized that the thing you say are the things only matter. Everybody in too busy to care this much. So i just think what i want to say, neither how to say nor when to take pause. just say with a smile. He told me that it took him a lot of time to realizing this on one line. He said after reading a lot of books and a lot of writing. he is now what he is. So since i returned from my journey, i am trying to do one thing i am resaying what i just said in my mind or you can say that before saying i a passing through it in my mind. I think first thing it is doing that instead of feeding my mind with fear sorrow or guilt, i am becoming mindful. Like if i stammered at any word, and then spoke, i am now replaying that scene in my mind. i just move on and thinking the next word. I think this is the basic technique of any meditation too. To free you from the last moment or to make you live what is currently happening. I must mention that i am having days when it is not able to be done as i am too distracted by something or i just forgot to do it. But hopes are on heat, all the spices are there. let's see how result tastes.

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jasbir singh said...

Mahatma Gandhi had said:
"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistake."
So feel free , do not bother too much for blocks here and there, because we are neither fluent nor disfluent, rather we are transfluent. Accept it early. Life will be easy.
Have a nice day.
May all beings be Happy.